• What about the image of Senegal?

    What about the image of Senegal?

    Water scarcity in Senegal has earned the country to appear in the international media. What are the consequences on the image of Senegal? Read More
  • African developers, it's your turn!

    African developers, it's your turn!

    Ericsson is launching the 5th edition of the Ericsson Application Awards. It’s a way for Africa to show it’s dynamism in that field. Ericsson, global leader of networks infrastructures, services and communication technologies launched on October 17, 2013, the Ericsson Application Awards for Androïd & iOS (the latter is new this year). Read More
  • When will we have “pure quality players” in Senegal?

    When will we have “pure quality players” in Senegal?

    Exclusive online newspapers abound. But in term of substance as well a form, few are professional.   Today (November 18, 2013), a new Senegalese information website is born. One more among the several “pure players” coming to compete with traditional media, which however, more and more, have their own website (This is going to be the subject of a future post...). Read More
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Who are we ?

ACC, Africaine de Conseils et de Communication, is a communication agency based in Dakar and operating in Africa, specialized in corporate communication. We create, improve brand awareness, the image of any organization with its stakeholders, its opinion leaders.

Our expertise

Advice and support in communication, PR, social media, event, monitoring, web strategy, training, publishing.

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Our clients are large companies, institutions, NGOs, various sectors. ACC also intends to make African SMEs/SMIs benefit from its expertise.

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